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  1. Well the WA members have spoken and the header image has been updated too suit. One image was deemed as “too sexy” or “half naked” so we have changed it too a more appealing image so as not too offend anyone. Ever heard the saying “Make Money in your underwear” that was the idea, but I guess you have to listen, we all learn from our mistakes and the whole idea is to make it so people will eventually buy from our sites. Thanks to all the WA members who gave feedback/commented inside the WA Blogpost. Much appreciated. Keep them coming.
    Happy Webbing

  2. It looks fine to me. Personally I prefer to use fiverr for things like this because it costs about the same and I hate fluffing about but if you enjoy it then go for it. 🙂

    • Hi Debbie,
      we always worry that our pages/links/headers/pictures/content is never good enough, but if we don’t try we surely do fail, so I will keep trying until I get it right. This is my third header, hopefully they get better. Yes Fiverr is another option, I have used them before. I wonder if anyone in WA has jumped onto this little niche?
      To Our Success

    • Hi Michelle,
      thanks for the feedback, I will see what I can do. One thing I noticed with canva is you are pretty limited to what you can do, maybe an upgraded account might have more options on font etc
      Happy Webbing

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