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how to build a website from wordpress

So you want to know how to build a website from WordPress? Well let me tell you that WordPress is unparalleled in its ease and convenience when it comes to building websites.           Not only is it easy to use, it is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) platform available in the world.

Because WordPress is an open source framework, this means you choose the framework to build your blog or website on. Just about all professional web programmers use WordPress and it’s absolutely fantastic for complete novices/newbies, anyone who has never ever built a website before because… did I mention how Easy WordPress is to Use? I cannot stress enough how user friendly WordPress is so unless you have strong knowledge about html and coding I wouldn’t advise any other platform until you are a well seasoned veteran of building sites with your eyes closed.

how to build a website from wordpress

 Developing Websites With Ease

Of course WordPress doesn’t do everything. You will need to know how to research keywords, find your niche, find and setup a domain name, install your WordPress, set up hosting, SEO, FTP, database, backing up your site, setting up email accounts for your website, etc, etc, etc. Don’t worry. At Wealthy Affiliate they have you covered. With their state of the art platform, Wealthy Affiliate has the training to teach you everything you need to know about how to build a website from WordPress.


Thats why we here at Wealthy Affiliate Development like to make sure that when we do something we want it Easy Peasy! Because we know you do too. In fact once your in the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can have your website up and running in 30 seconds! What? Yes, thats how easy they’ve made it to build a website from WordPress. Is that Good? Good or Good!

how to build a website from wordpress

Setting Up Your WordPress Website With Wealthy Affiliate

Now if you should choose to go with another provider, setting up your website is going to be a lot more work, a lot more difficult and their will be more involved than using wealthy Affiliate’s hosting.

Now let’s see just how easy installing your website with the Wealthy Affiliate platform really is!

howto build a website from wordpress

  • Step 1. What kind of website do you want to build? Choose from the Free Version (Siterubix.com domain) or if your a Premium member on a Domain you own. Example your site.com.
  • Step 2. Name your website
  • Step 3. Choose a look for  your website. Choose the theme.
  • Step 4. Once you’ve got the 3 steps sorted its just a matter of pushing that button, “Build My Website Now” and … wallah! Your site is Live. While other hosts can take from 12 -72 hours before your site goes live, when you use the Wealthy Affiliate platform your site will be LIVE in … 30 seconds !!! Whoa, that is Super Fast! Then you can get to the Good stuff, like adding the content!


And that my friend is How to build a website from WordPress using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Easy Peasy. So are you ready too get started? Well what are you waiting for? Start Building Now by Clicking Here!

    Free Members get 2 Free siterubix.com sites for as long as you want and about 12 themes to choose from. These are top rated WordPress themes.
    Premium Members have over 2800 themes to choose from and they are always adding more. You’ll also get to host 25 domains and 25 free siterubix.com sites if you should wish Thats 50 sites for Premium members and, of course, unlimited combinations of plugins, classrooms, 24/7 Live Chat, unlimited email accounts, courses, affiliate bootcamp and step by step guide to building and monetising your website, covering everything from utilising social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Adwords, basically EVERYTHING you need to make money online.
Get Started Now For$0. Try it and if you don’t like it, if you don’t believe Wealthy Affiliate is Not the Best Platform you will ever want to build your site with, well what have you lost? Absolutely Nothing! This article shows the easy way for How to build a website from WordPress.

Happy Webbing


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How to build a Website from WordPress — 6 Comments

  1. Building a SiteRubix website with Wealthy Affiliate really is so easy, especially when there aren’t many tech-savvy people online (myself included). 🙂

    WordsPress sure sounds like an awesome blog site platform and I really appreciate the 4 steps you’ve shared for setting up my own SiteRubix WordPress website.

    I’m definitely paying Wealthy Affiliate a visit.


    • Hi Neil, yes it couldn’t be easier. Im no rocket scientist and I must admit I have trouble with new things, especially building a website, BUT the combination of WA & the WordPress platform just make things so incredibly easy I didn’t have too really put much thought into it. The main thinking was for content.
      Thanks for your comment

  2. What a great article! I’m a big fan of WordPress and found it, with a little guidance- so user-friendly. This is a great review and so helpful to anyone who hasn’t come across it before.
    I’m an even bigger fan of WA- the training you get it fantastic and so easy to follow and the support from the WA community is unbelievable!

    • Hi Claire, yeah its so user friendly I think even a 10 year old could figure it out, mind you some 10 year olds are more onto it than the older ones when it comes to computers lol. WA is great, I’ve never come across any other platform that sets as high a standard as WA. Its all I’ll ever use but more importantly, it’s all I need. They have just about everything you need but the training is awesome. I give it a 10!
      Thanks for your comment

    • Hi Frederik, Definitely the best way especially for newbies, if only I had discovered WA years ago. Better late than never. Anyone stumbling upon this platform for the first time is going to be pleasantly surprised.
      Thanks for your comment

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