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“Introduction To Affiliate Marketing”

If you are remotely interested in becoming an online affiliate marketer then you  probably already know what Affiliate Marketing involves. In it’s simplest form, You are a salesman who markets products to potential customers and then sell for a cut of the profits. Affiliate Marketers who do this typically can make anything from 8% too 75% of the product, depending on who you end up selling for. The end result is the person/company who provides the product doesn’t have to worry about advertising but just pays You, the Affiliate to Market and sell his product. You make the sale and walk away with a cut of the profits, the producer of the product walks away with his profit and didn’t have to do all the hard work of marketing. Win win. That in a nutshell is Affiliate Marketing. Good, or Good!



“I want to help you and show you the CORRECT way to Getting Started Online!”


If you are  like a lot of wanna be Affiliate Marketers you may have already driven down this road but never really drove onto the fast lane so to speak. Maybe you got this bright idea and without any real knowledge jumped in head first and tried promoting products that failed dismally. Or maybe you got a few initial sales but then the drought kicked in. Basically you didn’t really know the correct steps to take and you drove out of the fast lane and straight into the gutter. The brakes kicked in and you’ve come to a standstill.

That’s where I come in to take you to the next level, to pull you out of the gutter and to get you first on the road, then as you pick up speed, eventually have you driving your affiliate cash machine in the fast lane. Sound Good? Lets Get to the Meat of what You need to turn your affiliate dreams into reality.

Remember, we want you to succeed so stay on the road, don’t steer into the curb or worse onto the footpath where you’ll very likely crash. Lets do this correctly and you’ll soon be reaping rewards. Also don’t expect to get rich overnight. Affiliate Marketing isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone. I’m not trying to put you off but you need to be realistic and understand it will take time, some long hours and plenty of dedication if you want to quit your day job and spend your time working from home full time. Those negatives aside, lets get to the good stuff.

“What do I promote!”


Its true the saying “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”. All serious plans require just that. A plan. The Affiliate Marketing Business is no different. The first thing you are going to need is a plan of “What” You want to affiliate with and sell. How do you decide this?

There are several ways, one way is to figure out what you are passionate about and find a “niche” that suits what you love. How do you decide this? Think of what you like doing, do you garden, fish, hike, travel, get involved in business, real estate, building and other trades? What about hobbies. Do you collect anything? Comics, pottery, books, guitars, cars, figurines? The list is as endless as your hobbies or passions.

It seems plenty of people are promoting ways to make money online and yes it is one of the fastest growing industries today, the “Make Money Online” niche. You would think that the market would be saturated, but believe me their is ample room for a well educated entrepreneur. When I say well educated I’m not meaning someone with a college degree. No, what I mean is someone who knows his Marketing skills. Don’t worry, you will learn all this. Remember, stay on the road.

So first you need to find a Niche that you would be happy in and love to work with. Now you need to find a product to promote that is going to be financially beneficial to you. You can use Google to find products. Just put what you are interested in and beside it put “affiliate”, so if you were interested in health, search for “health products affiliate” which returns about 27,000,000 results. Theirs bound to be something their. You can refine it to say “weight loss” or “cancer products”, “diabetes”, “ADHD” and so forth. The possibilities are endless.



“Build A Website!”

So the next step once you’ve found something you want to promote is to build a website to promote your business products from. Ok I hear some of you’s now saying “Why do I need a Website?” Don’t most affiliate programs provide their own websites? Yes that is true … BUT … you want to be a success right??

It is possible to become a success without your own website, but highly unlikely. If you want to achieve Real Success as an Affiliate Marketer, this is a “Crucial Tool” you just can’t do without. It’s kind of like driving a car without tyres. The rides gonna be Really, Really Rough and the chances of arriving at your destination are slim to slim. You need the right vehicle. I mean are you serious about Affiliate Marketing? So yes, your own website is really essential no matter what anybody tells you. You will get to your destination 100 times faster with the right tools. Or you may never get there at all.


Building a website today is really easy. You don’t have to know html or coding or anything fancy. Basically all you will need is a “Domain Name” and “Hosting” and the right platform. This is probably the most crucial part of the puzzle. The right platform. At Wealthy Affiliate everything is already for you, you can even start at $0 with TWO FREE Websites, for as long as you want using Word Press. This is where I built this site you are on right now with Word Press and the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. As a Premium member you will have over 2800 themes to choose from. See the chart below and compare what Starter members and Premium members get in their membership. Remember Starters pay Nothing, $0 for as long as they wish. Forever if they want and still get TWO Free Websites. Don’t you just love freebies?


“OK, Now What?”

Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. Once you are a member you will have access to all the training you will ever need. Affiliate Bootcamp is a tutorial both written and in video form that will guide you step by step on the correct way to setup your website and start earning as quickly as possible. Affiliate Marketing is a learning curve and Wealthy Affiliate has 24/7 Live Chat where members, over 600,000 of them, are always ready to answer your questions if you ever get stuck. I truly believe that this is where most other platforms fail. Their Live Help simply sucks. When you got a problem you want it resolved their and then. Not hours or in some cases days later or even not at all! No at Wealthy Affiliate most problems can be resolved within ten minutes if not sooner. Thats what I really love. Their Live Help is unmatched.

Success ahead sign

Learning is achieved thru the countless classrooms, courses, affiliate bootcamp and Live Chat. If I had to rate Wealthy Affiliate I would honestly say it is a 10. I have yet to find another platform that offers so much and at such a low cost. As a premium member $49 a month gives you UNLIMITED EMAILS on up to 50 websites, see all the benefits above and compare to other hosts, you will see just how good a deal this is. Promote WA and make money with their Affilite Program paying $22.50 per Premium Referral every month. As a Free member You will receive $11.25 for every referral that goes Premium. Wealthy Affiliate Pays You To Affiliate with their platform. Even Better.

Get Your 2 Free Websites Now!


If you have any questions about Getting Started I would love to help. Just leave them below.

Happy Webbing



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