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Hi there, My name is Milton and I’m a Crazy Bugger. Well yes and no. Many people thought I was crazy because I would go around saying that “One Day I’m Gonna Be Rich Working Online”  Well I may not be rolling in it just yet, but things are definitely looking very, very good. Here is a link to my profile page on WA.

You see, I am by trade a painter/paperhanger. Since 1980 I have been painting. I decided in 1986 to work for myself and that was me for the next 21 years. Then our house burnt down and a change was coming. We moved from the Far North of New Zealand down to Taranaki, under the Mountain. I stayed self employed but this time as a subby, I no longer had to worry about getting work, the work came to me via my new boss. Then a few years ago I decided to go and work for a company on a wage. I took a big drop in pay but wasn’t too fussed because I had a plan.

I was going to break out of the painting trade. 36 years doing the same thing was becoming a real drag and I needed a change.

I had plenty of interests, I’m a gun guitarist, I probably could be a famous rock star if I “really” want too. I love collecting, Comics and Monster Mags like the Number 1 Famous Monsters Of Filmland Magazine in the above picture. I collect all sorts of weird stuff, Megalodon (Extinct Great White Shark) teeth, Fossils, Ancient Roman Coins, Stamps, Rugby Paraphernalia, Old Bibles, Old Classic 8 & 16mm Movies, Records, Horror DVD’s, Movie Stills & Posters, the list goes on. Then theirs the passion I have for self help for Natural Health, Diet & Nutrition, Self Help for taking control of ones future life. And of course the hobbies, fishing, travelling, walking, renovating my two houses, gardening, my interests are wide and varied and ever expanding. I don’t have enough time to do everything I love so I need a plan. We all need a plan. A plan to free up time to do things we love to do. Not “have “to do just to pay the mortgage.


Mad Man on Axe Surrounded By Horror’s!


Enter the Internet…


For years I had been experimenting with online business’s. I really wasn’t looking forward to getting up everyday at 5am to go to work, scrape, sand, paint and then return home at 6pm. I searched and searched and searched. Program after program left me out  of pocket, but I knew that sooner or later if I kept trying eventually something would show up. I soon learnt what type of program “NOT” to look for. You know the ones that promised to make you millions within a few weeks, or “fully automated” ‘cash cows” “just use this software and watch the money pour in”. Yep I figured these are all just hyped up garbage designed to empty your pockets.

Then, after 12 years of trying one program after another I finally found something that had real potential. And here we are today. Yes it took a while to discover WA but once I did I had that “aha” moment that finally here was something that could actually be legit. Because of past experience you just can’t get your hopes up. But believe me, once I entered the platform with its Live Chat, it was immediately obvious that people were actually using this platform “constantly”. 600,000 plus members made sure of that. I was asking questions and they were being answered “instantly”.

So this is where we are now, working online and still painting but that will end very, very soon. I could have been like 95% of everyone else and given up after the first set back. I hear it all the time. “All those things are just scams trying to steal your money” “You’ll never do it” Comments like these are true for the majority of crap out there on the web, but if you give up a dream you give up your life, your future life. You just need to find something that actually works. And WA does just that. It actually works. Like all good things, it takes time. It ain’t going to happen overnight, but with hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything. Try it here.

I met my wife Sheryl in 1983, in 1985 we had our one and only son John and in July 2016 we had our first Grandson Silas. The best is yet to come, look to the future and never give up.

To Your Success

If you have any questions about Getting Started I would love to help. Just leave them below. Or if you don’t like sharing with the whole wide world, flick me an email here: milton@wealthyaffiliatedevelopment.com

Happy Webbing



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